Molokhia is a plant that brings somewhat with nettles (somewhat in shape, but of course without nettle’s spines) has a specific flavor, slightly bitter, and is found often in the fresh form, in bundles or chopped frozen. It seems that this plant has been consumed since ancient Egypt and is considered by some as a traditional dish in Egypt, but can be seen everywhere in the Middle East cuisine.

Nutrition and Health Facts

Health Benefits Of MolokhiaGets its name from the plant bittersweet underlying the preparation. Molokhia leaves are steamed and flavored with coriander and garlic and purée is used usually as a garnish with chicken, rabbit, lamb or fish and rice. Molokhia are leaves of Corchorus species used as vegetable. They are quite bitter, and when boiled yield a thick liquid. Typically, it is used in soups or stews.

Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, Molokia is used in the cosmetics industry due to its emollient, soothing and exfoliating. Treatments with this plant is an excellent remedy for skin beauty, best to follow both gross variations in face masks with natural ingredients and processed through the latest technology in cosmetic brands.

Health Benefits of Molokhia

1) Molokia has inflammatory and anticancer properties. They found that the extract has the ability to decrease the rate of multiplication of cancer cells in cancer

2) Prevents gastric, breast and prostate cancer.

3) It is a powerful antioxidant. Contains vitamin C, E, beta-carotene, magnesium and selenium with which the fight against oxidative stress and many health problems.

4) Helps regulate the blood pressure and arteriosclerosis. Those who eating Molokia present less risk of developing such problems due to its potassium, vitamin B6 and folic acid. Not only because of the vitamins and minerals that are found in it, but also proteins, Molokia helps regulate blood pressure, prevents heart attacks and strokes.

5) Skeletal and muscular systems are strengthened by eating it. Vitamin K present in this plant is essential to maintain bone health. Also the muscular system has gained from eating Molokia because proteins are found in the leaves.

6) The immune system is stimulated by the consumption of Molokia, as containing a lot of vitamins and minerals beneficial to boosting the immune system, thereby preventing colds or infections.

7) It helps to cleanse the digestive system. Its fibers help to cleanse the digestive system, blood and liver. It also contains calcium and iron, two substances that mineralizes the body and helps to combat anemia and seasonal fatigue.

8) Contain iodine, magnesium and selenium, substances that help combat various skin disorders and regeneration.

9) A cup of Molokia juice, drinking on an empty stomach every morning for a few days, help remove physical and nervous depression.

10) Substances contained helps to prevent and treat inflammatory diseases: asthma, osteoarthritis, rheumatism.

Molokia juice is obtained by passing the Molokia through grinders and choosing juice. It is a great cure, rebalances and strengthens the body, prevents anemia, nervous depression and fatigue. Drink one glass every morning. The Molokia juice in equal parts can be combined with the carrot or celery to treat anemia, rickets, senescence, fatigue, consuming fresh leaves in salads.

Fresh leaves are indicated in the diet of children, older people and all those who need to strengthen the body. To help kidney or bladder diseases are recommended the infusion of Molokia with a teaspoon of crushed leaves, poured in a cup of boiling water. Leave it covered for 15 minutes and then strain. Drink two cups a day.

Externally, the leaves are heated or boiled in olive oil or soybean oil and put poultices. In local applications, it soothes burns and ringworm site. Apply two or three poultices daily.

If you want to enjoy all its qualities, you should eat raw and fresh, preferably in a salad or other raw vegetables.