Health On the list of tropical fruits you can meet bananas, coconut, kiwi, pineapple, mangoes, oranges and other citrus fruits, papaya, pomegranate etc. Their introduction to regular diet can only be beneficial, as long as there are no excesses in any respect. Among the nutrients tropical fruits offer can remember the dietary fibers, minerals and various vitamins.

Being one of the most exotic fruits from tropical fruits, Lulo fruit or Naranjilla comes from Central and South America and has many health benefits. It can be rotated to a successful diet, but always in moderation and not before consulting in detail the effects it can have on your body.

Lulo Fruit Nutrition and Health Facts

Lulo fruit contains a lot of vitamins C, B, A, iron, phosphorus, beta – carotene, magnesium and calcium. Lulo is virtually no fat, very low in calories and has a high concentration of antioxidants. Antioxidants fight free radicals and help in the anti aging and prevention of cardiovascular disease, stroke and cancer. Lulo has a pineapple and lemon flavor with a great taste, so you can make a delicious smoothie. It is low in calories, contains iron and is a good diuretic; it may be helpful in weight loss.

Health Benefits Of Lulo

Naranjilla has a great influence on stress relaxation and works well for helping people who do not sleep. It contains pepsin, which is soothing to the gastrointestinal tract, giving a boost for digestion. Naranjilla is a tonic for strong bones, hair, nails and in addition contain certain acids that can reduce total cholesterol levels!

Health Benefits of Lulo Fruit

Besides their great taste, Lulo fruits proved scientifically that offers many health benefits to ordinary people, who do not suffer from diseases that require a special diet. Unlike common fruits for consumption, is abound in exceptional nutrients, some excess, and therefore prohibited for those suffering from certain diseases.

1) From what is known so far about the role of introducing tropical fruits and especially Naranjilla in your diet, it can be said with certainty that they contain antioxidants useful to reduce the risk of contracting cancer and heart disease, and other substances that help regulate digestion, regulate levels blood cholesterol and body weight control.

2) Perhaps more than other fruits, it offers an easy feeling of fullness and deserve introduced, especially in weight loss diets, daily between meals, because not contain many calories, but can provide sufficient nutrients to successfully eliminate hunger between main meals. Do not forget that their consumption should be alternated with other fruits, which contain less sugar or various vegetables, only good for a snack unannounced.

3) The best fresh tropical fruits for consumption and not dried or canned, because they do not contain any suspect food additives and did not even sugar concentration so high. Dried or canned tropical fruits are mostly used as food ingredients and less for actual consumption.

4) Associated with pineapple is recommended primarily for weight loss, digestive problems, vitamin and mineral deficiency and disorders of the blood vessels;

5) Along with kiwi can prevent cancer by the vitamin C intake manner is useful for diabetics easily dissolve blood clots and can relieve respiratory problems;

6) Use it with papaya to stimulate the immune system, is a good antibacterial and helps in better functioning of the liver;

7) Along with coconut provides many dietary fibers, have protein abundance and fatty acids, therefore not advisable to consume in excess, but in amounts of up to 50 grams daily. Additionally, coconut is an excellent stimulating brain activity and deserves introduced in adolescent diet, but in moderation;

8) Lulo fruit has a good effect to stimulate digestion and can accompany consistent meals, contains many useful nutrients and is also one of the fruits with an aphrodisiac effect recognized worldwide. It has good antiseptic properties and provides antioxidants that can prevent the effects of aging.

9) Even is not so popular, it is used in some cosmetic treatments, because it contains vitamin A, Naranjilla extracts are used to maintain products for beauty and youth, improving skin quality (due A and C vitamins and beta-carotene contained), reducing wrinkles and giving the hair strength and nail.

10) Thanks to its content of antioxidants, has anti-cancer benefits, anti-aging and detoxifying, energizing is also good.

11) Accelerates wound healing and postoperative healing.

12) Also improves the visual functions and prevents sunburn and skin cancer because it contains beta-carotene, a substance that is deposited in the skin and has a protective role, removing the negative effects of sunlight.

13) Lulo fruit has emollient, soothing and exfoliating properties.

Combined with other fruits like apples, bananas, guava, lime, mango, orange, papaya, pineapple, grapes and berries, can be extremely beneficial in achieving great skin. Facial masks and creams, body lotions and hair and nail care products, will provide an excellent remedy for skin beauty.