Wide world cultivated, the apple is one of the most spread fruits, which benefits are well known for human health. Moreover, the apple juice is very healthy for the body and it tastes very good. Apples strengthen teeth and have the ability to decrease the degree of infection of the teeth. Apple is also used in cosmetics. Can be made masks that help cleanse the skin and restore its elasticity. Apple flowers are an important factor in cosmetics. From them are done creams and oils that stimulate and make skin rejuvenation. Also, baked apples are a cure for rheumatism and combat tonsillitis.

Bramley Apple Features

Bramley Apple, originally from Northern Ireland region, is a fresh green apple used in many cooking recipes for its special characteristics. The Bramley fruits are rounded, with a less uniform than other apples, flattened laterally, with increases apex and a high calyx cavity partially open. The fruits have a uniform green color with a reddish hue, sepals are brown and soft, and the stalk is short and thick. The flesh is white, moist and with a green tint and texture is firm.

Health Benefits Of Bramley Apple

Regardless of age or size tree, all winter and summer work is done manually. The care of trees to obtain a constant quality and yield, require skills acquired after many years of experience in the training of the upper crown branches and maintenance works. It is used the routinely pollination by bees during the flowering period, and all operations are undertaken with due care spray, that bees and other beneficial insects not be affected, as well as the environment in general.

Apples are harvested by hand between early September and last part October. Time of collection depends on the season, market, fruit maturity, age and type of rootstock tree. The climate colder than in other areas where apples are grown makes Bramley apples less uniform.

Amazing Health Benefits of Bramley Apple

They’re full of soluble fibers that reduce intestinal problems, including diverticulitis, hemorrhoids and some types of cancer. Bramley apples is rich in fruit acids and vitamins also contains more than 20 kinds of minerals like A, B, C, vitamins; contains calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, sodium, potassium and trace elements.

1) It is a powerful source of potassium, which supports healthy heart.

2) Help in the insulin level control, with blood sugar slowly releasing. Cleanse and detoxify, remove heavy metals from the body.

3) Apple pectin helps to reduce cholesterol levels by reducing insulin secretion.

4) Significantly reduces the risk of respiratory diseases such as asthma.

5) Strengthens the heart, lungs lubricates, increase body fluids and decrease mucus production.

6) Apple cider vinegar prevents kidney stones.

7) Reduces the skin problems.

8) Improves the symptoms of constipation.

9) Its refreshing juice help digestion strengthens the intestinal mucosa and has beneficial effects on the liver.

10) Has an effect on intestinal flora and lowers blood pressure.

11) Protects the skin from infections and harmful bacteria. Can be used as a facial mask against acne, in addition hydrates the skin.

12) Nothing compares with natural Bramley apple masks. It nourishes the skin in depth, gives lightness and flexibility and is easy to prepare.

13) Bramley apple juice revitalizes tissues (face, neck, breasts and even abdomen). Apply it on your face with a cotton pad and let it for 25 minutes after you rinse with warm water.

14) If you have acne, then you can wash your face with mallow tea and Bramley apple juice. It speeds healing pimples, is an emollient and, like apple juice helps in wound healing.

15) The pulp is antiseptic

16) If you burn or you hurt yourself disinfect the wound by applying a little applesauce. The pulp is astringent and contains substances that prevent the growth of bacteria on the skin. The effect is enhanced if on the end you’ll apply a cream with marigold or Arnica.

17) You can remove the stress and fatigue traces if will apply nightly cold pieces of Bramley apple peel. It refreshes and softens skin around the eyes due to the antioxidants they contain.

18) Also, these fruits decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, or heart attack and have an important role in balancing the lymphatic system.

19) If you want to lose weight is much better to eat Bramley apples. You will lose weight and eat while one of the healthiest fruits. The fruit helps to remove toxins from the lungs, helping to regenerate it.

Even those Bramley apples are not the most common fruits, you can use them also for different alcoholic beverages and sweets, cookies, cakes or vinegars.