Custard apple is known as a shrub or tropical branched tree which is native to the Amazon rainforest. This actually grows about three meters by up to eight meters in length. Its flowers are somewhat yellowish or greenish and its leaves are oblong and thin.

Moreover, it comes with a lumpy and purple skin; it is described as a conical type of fruit and tastes very sweet. It can be used for sherbets, ice creams and milkshakes or you may also eat it fresh. Meanwhile, the fruit is creamy white, quite juicy and appears like a huge raspberry. Custard apple is widely known as Sharifa in the land of India.

Uses of Custard Apple Seeds

The custard apple tree is not sensitive and does not necessitate much care particularly if it is watered regularly and of course if it is provided with adequate light for it to grow. This tree has certainly adjusted to any type of soil and it grows fine, even in dry and hot climates. Once you have sowed the seeds, this will then bear fruits in about two up to three years. Its fruits are commonly round or conical in shape and will ripen for approximately three up to four months.

The Uses and Good Side of Custard Apple

1) The fruits can be used to formulate a hair tonic and this is actually done in some areas of India.

2) The finely grounded seeds can help get rid of lice and it can be applied to the hair. But, see to it that it does not come in contact with ice for this may greatly irritate the eyes and sooner or later may lead to blindness.

3) Its bark can be used to stop diarrhea in both adults and children. Further, the plant is quite effective in treating diabetes.

4) Custard apple is also efficient in treating burning sensation.

5) This plant definitely bears a few wonderful medicinal qualities such as abortifacient, antiovualtory and it may also serve as insecticide.

6) Aside from these, it can be used to produce sugar wine apple. It is also an ideal plant for indoors.

7) Its leaves, when crushed are mainly used to treat fearful state of mind which is referred to as hysteria as well as fainting spells.

8) Boiling the leaves to extract its essence and this is truly effective in treating wounds, ulcer, dysentery plus other diseases.

Delving into the Countless Benefits of Custard Apple:

What can you get from consuming custard apple or adding custard apple in your diet?

1) Custard apple is an ideal source of energy so it helps replenish one’s energy levels. This aids combat exhaustion and reduce muscle weakness.

2) The vitamin C found in custard apple helps in the development of collagen which is known as the protein that makes up the primary portion of our scalp and hair. Indeed, it is also a great hair moisturizer and remarkably aids in eliminating lice. Apart from these, it helps prevent hair fall and in point of fact, it improves blood circulation in the scalp and this leads to the stimulation of follicles in order to support hair growth.

3) Custard apple keeps the skin youthful and delay aging such as blemishes and age.

4) It serves as a natural remedy for scalp infections. Since custard apple contains antioxidants and vitamin C, it aids regulate the sebum production in the scalp which minimizes flaky skin and dandruff and this also helps reduce pimples and acne. It also prevents premature graying of hair and this only implies that it helps sustain the hair’s natural color.

5) It acts as a natural detoxifying agent since it is rich in antioxidants and soluble fiber which makes it an ideal laxative. When custard apple is regularly consumed, one will achieve glowing and healthier skin since it aids rid of waste and toxins.

6) Custard apple is ideal for treating indigestion. For a fact, it expels toxins from the intestine and this aids in proper functioning of the bowels. Furthermore, many other stomach-related disorders such as ulcer, acidity, gastritis and heartburn may be prevented if custard apple is consumed regularly.

7) Since custard apple is rich in vitamin C, it also helps to naturally heal various skin infections, heal cuts, abrasions and wounds and also to form ligaments, tendons and cartilage. Its latex when applied on the skin may effectively treat psoriasis, eczema and inflammation.

8) Since custard apple comes with antioxidants that balance the effects of free radicals, it is a powerful cancer buster. It is loaded with high amount of fiber that shields colon membrane through hampering toxic substance from the gut, minimizing the likelihood of colon and liver cancer. This beneficial fruit also wards off breast cancer.

9) This is also very beneficial for expecting moms as it helps them deal with morning sickness. In the same way, it combats food cravings, nausea, mood swings during conception as well as numbness. It is also a great alternative to milk. This only conveys that expecting women who are allergic to dairy products can have it as an alternative.

10) Since custard apple contains high levels of iron, it aids in lessening the symptoms of rosacea and increase blood circulation.

11) It helps eliminate the possibility of premature birth and minimizes the extent of labor pain in pregnant women and supports healthy pregnancy. For expecting and lactating women, this is also beneficial as it is believed to be efficient in increasing a woman’s milk production. When custard apple is consumed regularly, this will help in a baby’s brain development. Likewise, it also aids in the brain development of a fetus.

12) Due to the fact that custard apple considerably slows down the absorption of glucose in the body, this minimizes the likelihood of type 2 diabetes.

13) It helps combat gum pain and many other tooth-related complications.

14) It promotes cardiovascular health. Custard apple increases the good cholesterol in the body and significantly lowers bad cholesterol.

15) Since custard apple contains adequate amount of calcium, it aids normalize the body’s water balance and takes away the acids from the acids which eventually lessens the symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism.

16) This delicious fruit is actually an ideal dessert and snack for people who hope to put on some pounds. Custard apple stimulates appetite levels so more appetite means gaining weight.

17) It helps protect one from being afflicted by Parkinson’s disease. More than that, custard apple helps one to fight depression, tension, irritability and calm down stress.

18) It is a great cure for anemia, vitamin B6 deficiency, gout and frequent vomiting.

19) Loaded with vitamin C and riboflavin, custard apple fights free radical destruction; this wonder fruits absolutely helps maintain good eyesight.

20) Custard apple supports better immune system. As a matter of fact, it prowls toxic free radicals in the body, inhibiting the onset of many different diseases and ailments. It is advisable to include this fruit in your daily diet so to have a better defense against various infectious agents.

Other Benefits

  • To treat insect bites, the juice of unripe custard apple may be used.
  • Custard apple leaves decoction supports healthy blood flow at the time of menstruation in women.
  • A paste formulated from custard apple leaves does not just help treat the wounds but this also aids destroy the worms infested around the cut, abrasion or wound.
  • Breathing in the crushed custard apple leaves will definitely aid ward off dizziness and fainting spells. All you have to do is to put a few drops of this mixture in the nose and this will surely make an unconscious person to be conscious again.
  • You may consider adding the mixture of custard apple leaves to your bath water to ease rheumatic pains.
  • The mixture may also be used to bring relief to fever, cold and dysentery.

Side Effects of Custard Apples

  • The seeds are regarded as poisonous so it is prohibited to consume it.
  • This type of fruit is quite cold in nature. Due to this, it is not advised to consume it in great amounts since it can make a person ill.
  • Because custard apples are creamy, fleshy and contain much sugar, people with diabetes are advised not to consume much of this fruit.

Caution when using Custard Apple

  • Ants can absolutely create some problems for the fruit through producing gritty bugs on it.
  • Custard apple stays disease-free most of the time, but, it is prone to wilt and fungus.
  • Its roots are very powerful and this may cause abortions so it highly advised for moms-to-be to take extra care while consuming the herb.