Divya Medha Vati

Feeding your mind should always be your priority, because your mind is the most important organ in your body. When it’s working at its best, you experience improved intelligence, better memory and recall, better problem solving skills, and better stress management. When it’s not at its best, your memory, happiness, and decision making ability all suffer.

Divya Medha Vati is a mind-health supplement that aids in wellness of the brain. It uses a complex range of time tested Ayurvedic ingredients that have a powerful effect on mental wellness, including:

Better Memory – Including the creation of memories and retention of those memories.

Better Intelligence – Including mental sharpness and problem solving skills.

Better Mood – Including stress relief, chemical balance, and relaxed sleep.

While many people take supplements to help with the mind, the brain is the organ that needs the most nourishment and attention and has the most powerful effect on the way you feel with each passing day. Divya Medha Vati is an Ayurvedic medicine created with Hindi natural herbs that will boost your brain power and aid in your mental sharpness, and it’s great for anyone that needs that extra brain health.



Many people have memory problems. Some people cannot remember names. Others have trouble remembering facts. Some have short term memory problems. Others have long term memory problems. Still others find that their memory simply starts to fade away as they age, and their ability to recall their past and the important life experiences they’ve had becomes weaker.

Maintaining your memory and enhancing your memory should be your priority early on in your life. Whether you’ve already started to lose your memory or your memory is fine but you want to keep it healthy, natural ways to improve memory are important for your long term happiness. For those that want a safe, natural memory supplement, there is Divya Medha Vati.

What is Divya Medha Vati?

It is an incredible natural supplement for the mind and body, especially the brain. As Ayurvedic medicine or the brain, this 100% herbal mixture of ingredients is designed for total brain health, providing you with a safe and easy way to boost your natural memory ability, aid in brain functioning, and more.

What makes Divya Medha Vati even more powerful is that it is designed for anxiety and stress as well. It has a natural wellness component to it that makes it a strong choice for those that need support for their overall day to day life. Ayurvedic medicine is time tested, based on the effective natural Hindi practices that have aided in the day to day health of others for hundreds of years, and now you can have it in your own home to help you with your mind and memory every single day.


  • Brahmi
  • Jaharmohra Pisthi
  • Shankhapushpi
  • Vach
  • Ashwagandha
  • Prawal Pisthi
  • Ustekhadoos
  • Jyotismati
  • Moti Pisthi
  • Maalkaangni
  • Gaajwan
  • Saunth
  • Jatamansi

Dosage Information

One to two tablets, twice per day.

Method of Administration

It is recommended that you take one or two tablets twice per day. You should take it in the morning before breakfast or in the evening after dinner. It can be taken with either milk or water, although water is recommended for those that have reactions to milk.

Benefits of Divya Medha Vati

It is a brain nourishing supplement with a host of different ingredients to help you with your mental and spiritual health. Because it has so many ingredients the benefits of taking it are numerous. However, some of the most common benefits include:

Memory Health – It is best known for its effects on memory. Taking it regularly has the potential to improve your overall memory health, allowing you to recall information more easily, create memories more easily, and retain those memories for longer. It is great not only for those that are aging, but also for those that study regularly or simply want to improve their overall memory health.

Dreams and Calmness – The ingredients in it are also useful for keeping dreams and thoughts under control. For those that need help going to sleep, this Ayurvedic mind medicine can help “cool” the mind in a way that may make resting easier and relaxation less difficult. As you sleep, you may also find that Divya Medha Vati is able to reduce excessive dreaming, which is useful for those that feel their sleep is not restful or that their dreams cause them distress.

Sharpness – It is also useful for mental sharpness. Its ingredients help the mind quickly and easily process information. This is one of the main reasons that it is often used by intellectuals, researchers, graduate students, and successful college students that need the mental aid necessary to keep going through their hard intellectual work.

Positive Thinking and Thoughts – It is also a valuable tool for self-esteem, overall wellness, happiness, and stress management. Its ability to cool the mind can be a very powerful tool for keeping the mind “healthy,” which in turn boosts mood and aids in positive thinking throughout the day. Some also use Divya Medha Vati to control their headaches, while others take it for insomnia and more quality sleeps. You will also find many people taking it to help improve chemical balances in the brain, and possibly improve intelligence. As with all Ayurvedic medicine it is all natural and is not known to have any side effects. Overall, this Ayurvedic medicine is a widely regarded brain supplement with a lot of different features to benefit the health of the mind.  

How Safe is Divya Medha Vati? Can it Harm My Brain?
It’s easy to see how a brain supplement could be worrisome, but there is currently no evidence that this Ayurvedic medicine for the mind has any side effects, so it is safe to take regularly. As with any dietary changes, contact a doctor for approval.
What Do You Mean By “Brain Health?”
Your mind is affected by chemicals, hormones, neurons and more. All of those affect how you feel, think, remember, etc. When they’re working properly, your brain works “healthy,” and so we refer to this as “brain health.”
How Will I Notice if Divya Medha Vati is Helping My Memory?
Memory is one of the hardest things to test. One strategy you can use is to test yourself. Pay memory games or try to think back to your past. You can also write down things you want to remember and then test yourself on them later. You should notice it working simply by not noticing as much forgetfulness, and recalling the information faster.
How Does it Help With Sleep?
Sleep is affected by a lot of different things. But one of the most common is simply an active mind. It cools the mind, which relaxes it to be at a more normal pace, and allows it to slow down as you try to drift off to sleep.
Do I Need Any Lifestyle Changes?
All Ayurvedic medicine is meant to be holistic, meaning that you are also expected to make important changes to your lifestyle as well. Make sure you eat healthier, exercise more, avoid caffeine as much as possible – especially at night, drink less alcohol, and try to avoid stressful situations. Yoga, which also has roots in the same Ayurvedic culture, is also a powerful tool to help with your mental strength, and if possible it’s recommended you take yoga as well.


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