Divya Hridyamrit Vati

Taking care of your heart should be your priority. When you want to maintain your heart health and you’re in need of a natural solution to handle your heart health needs, many people turn to Divya Hridyamrit Vati.

It is the Ayurveda medicine for heart health. It is very effective for helping nourish your heart and keep it beating properly, and many people take it daily to help keep their heart at its max efficiency.

Nourishing your heart is very important, and Divya Hridyamrit Vati is:

  • Safe
  • Natural
  • Time Tested

For those that are interested in the idea of trying Ayurvedic medicine for their heart on a regular basis, It is the best to try.



Your heart is your most important muscle, and that is why it is so important to take care of it. Those that do not take care of their heart run the risk of inactivity, premature death, and many health issues for the remainder of their life, and even after you have had heart disease, you still need to take care of your heart and prevent future problems.

Ayurveda, the ancient medicine in Hindu culture, has developed natural medicines designed for improving heart health. A very popular medicine in Ayurveda is Divya Hridyamrit Vati, which is a safe and natural way to control your heart issues.

What is Divya Hridyamrit Vati?

It is a powerful herbal supplement made for heart health and developed with the intention of stimulating better heart production. It is taken by those with a predilection towards heart health problems, and made to give those individuals that need extra heart support the opportunity to get it from a natural, time tested supplement


  • Arjuna
  • Amrita
  • Ashwagandha
  • Rasna
  • Nirgundi
  • Punarnava
  • Citraka
  • Nagar Motha
  • Hiraka Bhasma
  • Shringa Bhasma
  • Akika Pishti
  • Sange Yashada Pishti
  • Mukta Pishti
  • Rajata Bhasma
  • Shilajita Sat
  • Guggulu

Dosage Information

One or two tablets, twice a day.

Method of Administration

Take it two times a day, at breakfast and at dinner. Take it with lukewarm milk or water.

Benefits of Divya Hridyamrit Vati

It is made specifically for your heart, with some of the most highly regarded ingredients in Ayurveda. The natural herbs found in it make it an excellent choice for individuals that hope to maintain their heart health and keep their body moving for years to come.

Benefits of this powerful herbal remedy include:

Heart Disease Support – It is believed to be very beneficial for controlling and combatting heart diseases. It was created with the intention of helping those struggling with heart health keep their heart healthy and maintain their heart for longer.

Reducing Symptoms – It was also created to help people with the symptoms of heart disease control some of those feelings. While you should always pay attention to how your heart feels, Divya Hridyamrit Vati is there to give you some relief from the severity of those symptoms.

Heart Rejuvenation – These Ayurvedic medicine is also very powerful for rejuvenating the heart. It stimulates your hearts natural healing process and helps your heart maintain a healthy balance. Many Ayurvedic practitioners also believe that this natural heart supplement will give you powerful benefits for your body as well, like helping your body fight cholesterol, preventing uneasiness, and strengthening your heart’s ability to continue moving blood throughout your body. Overall, this natural heart supplement is very popular in the Ayurvedic world, and something that many people that worry about their heart can consider.  

Can I Stop Taking My Medications and Take Divya Hridyamrit Vati?
Heart problems are never something to leave to chance. Always talk to a doctor before stopping or starting any medications or making any dietary changes.
Is Divya Hridyamrit Vati For Those With Heart Disease Already?
Not at all. It’s a natural Ayurvedic medicine that is great for those that are worried about heart disease but do not currently have it.
How Safe Is It?
It is made from only the most natural ingredients and there are currently no known side effects to it. As always, make sure you talk to a doctor before you decide to take it or make any changes to your medications or lifestyle.
Are There Any Behavioral Changes?
It is all part of a holistic method of helping your heart. You should also be eating much, much healthier with the right fruits and vegetables and low fat diet, as well as exercising and listening to your doctor. No medicine can overcome poor lifestyle choices when it comes to heart health, not even Ayurveda.
Will I Feel a Difference?
You can’t always feel your heart, so you may not know whether or not it is working. But if you take good care of yourself and take it, you should be able to know results are happening.


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