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Effective Home Remedies To Treat Belly Button Infection


Home Remedies For Belly Button InfectionThe belly button is a small, sensitive part of your body that is often overlooked, however, if it becomes infected, it can be very painful. Small, dark and damp, the belly button is a favorable breeding ground for bacteria and yeast, which develop through substances deposited in the naval cavity, such as sweat and soap. If left unclean, these elements grow into yeast or bacteria and can develop into an infection.

Belly button infections are a common problem and occur in people of all ages. Infections can begin from a variety of factors, such as belly button piercing, poor hygiene, diabetes and obesity, and can be one of two types, namely a bacterial or yeast infection.

Causes of belly button infections:

  • Belly button piercing/surgery – insufficient cleaning
  • Poor hygiene
  • Sebaceous cysts
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Exposure to harmful ultraviolet (UV) sun rays/sunburn

Symptoms of belly button infections:

  • Redness, swelling, itchiness
  • Mild pain
  • Green, yellow discharge

Home remedies to treat belly button infections

Whether your belly button infection has occurred from a new piercing or a cyst that has developed, there are a number of remedies that can be tried at home to relieve the pain and help fight the infection. Keep in mind though, that if the infection is still prevalent after a week of trying the home remedies, it is advisable to seek medical attention and see a doctor or medical health practitioner to avoid further complications. However, give these home remedies a try first!

  1. Warm Salt Water

Warm salt water is a cure for all! Salt is a natural disinfectant which absorbs any moisture in the area to aid the healing process while the warmth of the water helps to increase blood flow to and around the infected area. Add a teaspoon of salt to a cup of warm or tepid water and mix it until the salt dissolves. Use a cotton wool ball or pad to apply the salt water mix to the infected area and then pat dry. This should be repeated 2-3 times a day for excellent results. You can also purchase a saline solution from the pharmacy, which is essentially salt water and does the same thing, however, is far more expensive.

  1. Keep Clean

It is vital to keep the infected area clean and dry to prevent further growth of bacteria or yeast and the best way to do this is by using an antibacterial soap when washing in the shower or bath. Make sure you dry the infected area thoroughly when finished washing and gently rub some antibacterial salve or cream onto the infected area until the infection is clear.

Expert tip! Use a water-based ointment, which will allow the skin to breathe and aid the healing process.

  1. Rubbing Alcohol

Another very effective way to keep your infection area clean is with rubbing alcohol. It has strong antiseptic properties that will sterilize the infected area and prevent the spread of infection, as well as provide relief from the irritation and pain. Place a small amount of rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball, dab onto the affected area and leave to dry. Repeat this several times a day until the infection begins to cease.

  1. White Vinegar

If the infection is severe, there might be discharged from the wound and the best way to help alleviate this is with white vinegar. The acidic nature of the white vinegar helps to fight the infection and prevents the spreading of the bacteria or yeast to other areas. Mix 100ml part of white vinegar with 200ml of warm water, soak a cotton swab and apply gently to the affected area. Leave the swab on for about 10 to 15 minutes, rinse off and pat dry. Repeat 2-3 times a day until the infection begins to subside and clear.

  1. Relieve Pain with a Warm Compress

Infections generally tend to cause some pain or discomfort and this can be relieved by applying a warm compress to the area. The warmth from the compress seeps into the area, reducing the pain and increasing blood flow to the area, which aids in healing.  Dip a clean cloth in warm water, wring out the excess water and place on the infection for a few minutes.

  1. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is an excellent natural remedy for a belly button infection, as it has antifungal, antibacterial and antiseptic properties that help to fight the infection, whether it is bacterial or yeast. Mix a few drops of tea tree oil with a teaspoon of olive or coconut oil, and apply with a cotton wool ball. Leave on the infected area for Leave it on for 10 minutes, and then wipe off gently. Repeat this treatment 2 or 3 times daily until the belly button is healthy again.

  1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is another natural remedy that has long been used as a healing agent whose anti-inflammatory and soothing properties help fight infections and other illnesses. You can purchase aloe Vera gel from the store or cut open an aloe Vera leaf, extract the gel and apply this to the infected area.

  1. Indian lilac

Indian lilac, also known as neem, is famed for having excellent anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that assist in the prevention of the further spread of infection and reduce pain and itching. Crush a few neem flowers to make a paste and apply it onto the affected area. Leave it on for 20 minutes before rinsing off with warm water. Pat dry thoroughly and repeat twice daily for several days.

Expert tip! Add a little turmeric powder to the neem paste, as it also has wonderful natural antiseptic properties that heal as well as prevent further spread.

Tooth Brushing Mistakes You Should Avoid


We are all familiar with daily brushing importance, however, doing it the right way is a fundamental part of our oral health, preventing tooth decay and gum related diseases. Below we share tooth brushing mistakes you should avoid:

Tooth Brushing Mistakes

1) Not choosing the right toothbrush

Definitely, apart from daily brushing habits, a suitable toothbrush is fundamental. Think about the size of your mouth. If you have to make some kind of effort by opening the brush between good, it may be too big for you. It is logical that the more comfortable you are most likely either you use it frequently. You should also consider the bristles as there are several types of hardness. Usually, dentists advise these against the toughest ones because you can damage them soft tissues of your mouth.

Electric or manual? For it is a matter of taste, as stated by experts, it is important that you brush your teeth! Consistency is much better, and regarding ways to avoid tooth brushing mistakes, you will be on your way with daily practice. That said, it is clear that electric models can go better if you have any problems with bones, muscles or ligaments in your hands, arms or shoulders.

2) Not brushing enough

How many times a day do you brush your teeth? It is advisable to do it two or three times a day (preferably three to two, but everyday life is imposed and most of the time it’s complicated).

For how long? For at least two minutes. Most people fall short in this matter. As a tip you can divide your mouth into four sections and used in each around 30 seconds. Some electric toothbrushes have timers that can help you in perfect timing.

Brushing more than three times a day can be as detrimental as not doing so and falls into tooth brushing mistakes. It is mainly because if you brush your enamel and gums excessively, at the end you run the risk harming them, getting exactly what you wanted to avoid.

3) Doing it anyway

Passing the toothbrush horizontally across the row of teeth can damage the gums. You must hold the brush at an angle of 45 ° and make a move up and down, using short brush.

It is not only what is seen, but what is unseen, i.e. Brushing comprises inner and outer teeth, wisdom teeth and tongue background. Think that the plaque should not get

4) Bored

It will seem silly, but since most people take it like a routine, they put their mind in mental autopilot and almost do not realize what they are doing. They always start at the same place and end in the same place. Thus, try changing the location of the beginning of your brushing occasionally.

5) Beware of excessive bleaching

Keep in mind that bleaching products or controlling tartar can be very hard for the teeth if used very frequently. To avoid such tooth brushing mistakes, you can switch to classical fluoride toothpaste lifetime and no bleach to expose so continuously the enamel too abrasive processes.

6) No control of acidity

If you take sour things like energy drinks, sodas, juices, etc. You are attacking the enamel of your teeth. Nothing happens (if they are normally consumed) because saliva is saturated with calcium and phosphorus ions repairing any damage.

But for that to happen, we must leave at least half an hour for it to happen and do not brush your teeth immediately after, since what we will attack with a nail brush is under restoration and hence, damage further.

7) Not rinsing the brush after brushing

The germs of the mouth and teeth can remain there and also remaining toothpaste hardens the bristles. It is best to rinse it and air dry it, preventing it remains wet for long.

8) Do not keep it away from other brushes

Although the bathroom is not the cleanest place in the house, the truth is that we all keep our toothbrushes there. At least, if we are more at home, avoid the brushes from touching each other. Place them where they can dry naturally and do not let them on the slab. If you travel, use a deck which allows air to enter so they do not keep moist longer.

9) Changing toothbrushes

Every 3 or 4 months we ought to change the toothbrush. A good way to control what we have is by checking sows, if they begin to lose flexibility and shape, then it’s time to change it.

Finally, remember that you’re brushing your teeth! Choose a suitable dental paste and the most appropriate brush.

10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Snake Gourd On Our Health


Snake gourd or Armenian cucumber is one of the most harvested and consumed vegetables worldwide. This fruit is very healthy and nutritious and you can consume it as a rich salad, either accompanied by other vegetables or alone.

Health Benefits Of Snake Gourd are certainly amazing. Try it with a little olive oil and salt and see how delicious it is. As if this were not enough, we give you some more reasons to consume snake cucumber. Get to know the benefits of snake gourd consumption!

Health Benefits Of Snake Gourd

Snake Gourd Herb Uses, Benefits

Snake cucumber has a percentage of 90 percent water. So it’s ideal for daily moisturizing we need.

It is good to relieve sunburn

Recall that the ideal is to get a good sunscreen before we get to the sun, but if for some reason you’ve been burned, snake cucumber helps control skin acidity. Therefore, if you apply snake cucumber skin helps relieve the pain of burning.

Helps eliminate toxins

Given the large percentage of water, snake gourd is an assistant for removing toxins from the body. In addition, regular consumption helps to dissolve kidney stones. A good solution is to consume snake cucumber you a snake cucumber water, you just need water, snake gourd and a little sugar and ready this rich and healthy drink.

It has many important nutrients

The consumption of snake cucumber gives us a lot of daily vitamins that our body needs: vitamins A, B and C that provide energy and help the immune system is one of them. The important thing is to consume its crust because it contains 12 percent of the vitamin C you need to consume daily. Snake cucumber also contains potassium, silicon and magnesium, which soften, tone and improve the appearance of skin.

Helps weight loss and improves digestion

The snake cucumber is a vegetable low in calories and has a high percentage of water, therefore, is the perfect food for inclusion in the diet of people who want or need to lose weight. Also, is high in fiber, which helps to regulate the transit of our intestines, preventing constipation.

Improves joint

By containing silicon, cucumber strengthens our joints, because this substance strengthens connective tissues. Furthermore, to take advantage of the Health Benefits Of Snake Gourd, you can drink its water and add a bit of carrot juice, this, besides increasing the consumption of beneficial vitamins and minerals for our health, it helps to eliminate pain that produces gout and arthritis because it reduces acid uric.

It is a good remedy for a hangover

Since Armenian cucumber contains many electrolytes, lots of vitamin B, sugar and water, snake cucumber can help prevent hangovers or raw. Ideally, if you have drunk alcohol, eat a few slices of this vegetable before bedtime. However, remember that in this case the best prevention is to consume alcohol in moderation.

Snake cucumber juice contains a hormone needed for the cells of the pancreas produce insulin, hormone beneficial for patients with diabetes. Researchers have found that sterols, containing a chemical compound snake cucumbers, are capable of lowering cholesterol levels. Potassium, magnesium and fiber snake cucumbers also help regulate blood pressure.

Healthy gums and fresh breath

The juices spilling snake cucumber to be chewed, healthy and refreshing gum disease; but also contains phytochemicals, assure us have a good breath. Simply put a slice of snake cucumber between teeth for a half hour for bacteria that cause bad breath “die”.

Hair and perfect nails

Silicon and sulfur content snake cucumbers help to have hair shiny, strong and healthy nails. Also contributing to its rapid growth.

Hangover Cure

Snake cucumbers contain a lot of vitamin B, sugar and electrolytes needed to prevent hangovers and headaches upon waking. Before going to sleep, we recommend eating some snake cucumber slices or cuts, especially its has drunk alcohol.

They are delicious

A good snake cucumber cut into pieces with a dressing or maybe salt, lemon and some chili are the perfect snack for any day.

Amazing Health Benefits And Uses Of Custard Apple Seeds


Custard apple is known as a shrub or tropical branched tree which is native to the Amazon rainforest. This actually grows about three meters by up to eight meters in length. Its flowers are somewhat yellowish or greenish and its leaves are oblong and thin.

Moreover, it comes with a lumpy and purple skin; it is described as a conical type of fruit and tastes very sweet. It can be used for sherbets, ice creams and milkshakes or you may also eat it fresh. Meanwhile, the fruit is creamy white, quite juicy and appears like a huge raspberry. Custard apple is widely known as Sharifa in the land of India.

Uses of Custard Apple Seeds

The custard apple tree is not sensitive and does not necessitate much care particularly if it is watered regularly and of course if it is provided with adequate light for it to grow. This tree has certainly adjusted to any type of soil and it grows fine, even in dry and hot climates. Once you have sowed the seeds, this will then bear fruits in about two up to three years. Its fruits are commonly round or conical in shape and will ripen for approximately three up to four months.

The Uses and Good Side of Custard Apple

1) The fruits can be used to formulate a hair tonic and this is actually done in some areas of India.

2) The finely grounded seeds can help get rid of lice and it can be applied to the hair. But, see to it that it does not come in contact with ice for this may greatly irritate the eyes and sooner or later may lead to blindness.

3) Its bark can be used to stop diarrhea in both adults and children. Further, the plant is quite effective in treating diabetes.

4) Custard apple is also efficient in treating burning sensation.

5) This plant definitely bears a few wonderful medicinal qualities such as abortifacient, antiovualtory and it may also serve as insecticide.

6) Aside from these, it can be used to produce sugar wine apple. It is also an ideal plant for indoors.

7) Its leaves, when crushed are mainly used to treat fearful state of mind which is referred to as hysteria as well as fainting spells.

8) Boiling the leaves to extract its essence and this is truly effective in treating wounds, ulcer, dysentery plus other diseases.

Delving into the Countless Benefits of Custard Apple:

What can you get from consuming custard apple or adding custard apple in your diet?

1) Custard apple is an ideal source of energy so it helps replenish one’s energy levels. This aids combat exhaustion and reduce muscle weakness.

2) The vitamin C found in custard apple helps in the development of collagen which is known as the protein that makes up the primary portion of our scalp and hair. Indeed, it is also a great hair moisturizer and remarkably aids in eliminating lice. Apart from these, it helps prevent hair fall and in point of fact, it improves blood circulation in the scalp and this leads to the stimulation of follicles in order to support hair growth.

3) Custard apple keeps the skin youthful and delay aging such as blemishes and age.

4) It serves as a natural remedy for scalp infections. Since custard apple contains antioxidants and vitamin C, it aids regulate the sebum production in the scalp which minimizes flaky skin and dandruff and this also helps reduce pimples and acne. It also prevents premature graying of hair and this only implies that it helps sustain the hair’s natural color.

5) It acts as a natural detoxifying agent since it is rich in antioxidants and soluble fiber which makes it an ideal laxative. When custard apple is regularly consumed, one will achieve glowing and healthier skin since it aids rid of waste and toxins.

6) Custard apple is ideal for treating indigestion. For a fact, it expels toxins from the intestine and this aids in proper functioning of the bowels. Furthermore, many other stomach-related disorders such as ulcer, acidity, gastritis and heartburn may be prevented if custard apple is consumed regularly.

7) Since custard apple is rich in vitamin C, it also helps to naturally heal various skin infections, heal cuts, abrasions and wounds and also to form ligaments, tendons and cartilage. Its latex when applied on the skin may effectively treat psoriasis, eczema and inflammation.

8) Since custard apple comes with antioxidants that balance the effects of free radicals, it is a powerful cancer buster. It is loaded with high amount of fiber that shields colon membrane through hampering toxic substance from the gut, minimizing the likelihood of colon and liver cancer. This beneficial fruit also wards off breast cancer.

9) This is also very beneficial for expecting moms as it helps them deal with morning sickness. In the same way, it combats food cravings, nausea, mood swings during conception as well as numbness. It is also a great alternative to milk. This only conveys that expecting women who are allergic to dairy products can have it as an alternative.

10) Since custard apple contains high levels of iron, it aids in lessening the symptoms of rosacea and increase blood circulation.

11) It helps eliminate the possibility of premature birth and minimizes the extent of labor pain in pregnant women and supports healthy pregnancy. For expecting and lactating women, this is also beneficial as it is believed to be efficient in increasing a woman’s milk production. When custard apple is consumed regularly, this will help in a baby’s brain development. Likewise, it also aids in the brain development of a fetus.

12) Due to the fact that custard apple considerably slows down the absorption of glucose in the body, this minimizes the likelihood of type 2 diabetes.

13) It helps combat gum pain and many other tooth-related complications.

14) It promotes cardiovascular health. Custard apple increases the good cholesterol in the body and significantly lowers bad cholesterol.

15) Since custard apple contains adequate amount of calcium, it aids normalize the body’s water balance and takes away the acids from the acids which eventually lessens the symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism.

16) This delicious fruit is actually an ideal dessert and snack for people who hope to put on some pounds. Custard apple stimulates appetite levels so more appetite means gaining weight.

17) It helps protect one from being afflicted by Parkinson’s disease. More than that, custard apple helps one to fight depression, tension, irritability and calm down stress.

18) It is a great cure for anemia, vitamin B6 deficiency, gout and frequent vomiting.

19) Loaded with vitamin C and riboflavin, custard apple fights free radical destruction; this wonder fruits absolutely helps maintain good eyesight.

20) Custard apple supports better immune system. As a matter of fact, it prowls toxic free radicals in the body, inhibiting the onset of many different diseases and ailments. It is advisable to include this fruit in your daily diet so to have a better defense against various infectious agents.

Other Benefits

  • To treat insect bites, the juice of unripe custard apple may be used.
  • Custard apple leaves decoction supports healthy blood flow at the time of menstruation in women.
  • A paste formulated from custard apple leaves does not just help treat the wounds but this also aids destroy the worms infested around the cut, abrasion or wound.
  • Breathing in the crushed custard apple leaves will definitely aid ward off dizziness and fainting spells. All you have to do is to put a few drops of this mixture in the nose and this will surely make an unconscious person to be conscious again.
  • You may consider adding the mixture of custard apple leaves to your bath water to ease rheumatic pains.
  • The mixture may also be used to bring relief to fever, cold and dysentery.

Side Effects of Custard Apples

  • The seeds are regarded as poisonous so it is prohibited to consume it.
  • This type of fruit is quite cold in nature. Due to this, it is not advised to consume it in great amounts since it can make a person ill.
  • Because custard apples are creamy, fleshy and contain much sugar, people with diabetes are advised not to consume much of this fruit.

Caution when using Custard Apple

  • Ants can absolutely create some problems for the fruit through producing gritty bugs on it.
  • Custard apple stays disease-free most of the time, but, it is prone to wilt and fungus.
  • Its roots are very powerful and this may cause abortions so it highly advised for moms-to-be to take extra care while consuming the herb.

Nutrition Facts and Amazing Health Benefits Of Salsify


Salsify is the term given to some various plants in two varied genera wherein both belong to the sunflower family known as the Asteraceae. Moreover, the more common and renowned variety is termed as Spanish salsify or black salsify which comes with the scientific name of Scorzonera hispanica.

For a fact, this is mainly grown as a root vegetable and has black, long and tapered root which is at times one meter in length and this is described as having huge leaves above the ground. The root’s black skin is commonly cut out before preparation while the plump interior of the root is considered as the edible portion.

Health Benefits Of Salsify

This type of vegetable is actually native to the Middle East and Southern Europe; however, its real point of origin is perceived to be in Spain. This is barely found outside Europe and also in the United Kingdom since the growing conditions in these places are not ideal. But, this remains very famous in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and other southern and central European countries.

Some of the many health benefits of salsify comprise of its capability to boost the immune system, increase circulation, lower blood pressure, increase metabolism, stimulate hair growth, improve various elements of the digestive health and finally to firmly affect bone mineral density.

Black salsify can be consumed as a normal veggie and is largely complementary to carrots and peas and typically after boiling and discarding the skin. This type of vegetable is a well-known alternative to asparagus and it can also be prepared in several other types of dishes in a similar technique such as the béchamel sauces that have cauliflower and broccoli.

In the event that you prefer to boil the roots, you may consider deep frying them just like with vegetable tempura. The reason why black salsify is quite essential is that it is filled with beneficial components and nutrients, which is a certified promoter of human wellness.

Other Names of Salsify

  • black oyster plant
  • scorzonera hispanica (lat)
  • spanish salsify
  • čierny koreň (sk)
  • black salsify
  • garten-schwarzwurzel (de)
  • serpent root
  • hadí mord španělský (cz)
  • viper’s herb
  • spanische schwarzwurzel (de)
  • černý kořen (cz)
  • viper’s grass
  • echte schwarzwurzel (de)


The delighting news is that the application of salsify is quite universal. This can certainly be consumed raw. It can actually be prepared and served as a fresh salad with sour cream, carrots, yogurt and apples. Salsify can also be utilized just how cauliflower and asparagus are used in various recipes and it can also be fried like choking or steak. Apart from these, salsify can also be utilized together with other kinds of fish and meat.

Exploring on the Nutritional Value of Salsify

Salsify is in point of fact an authentic and valuable discovery that is rich in nutrients. It comes with considerable portions of manganese, potassium, thiamine, iron, ascorbic acid, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin B6, pantothenic acid, folate, inulin, riboflavin, protein and dietary fiber.

Nutritional Information of Salsify:

Salsify is a great source of riboflavin, vitamin C, potassium, fiber as well as vitamin B-6.

What to look for when buying salsify?

  • Pick tapered, firm roots that have white or black skin. Salsify comes with a mild flavor which is identical to asparagus, artichoke hearts and oysters.

Storage and Preparation of Salsify

  • It is imperative to wrap the salsify in plastic and see to it to store it for up to 2 weeks in the fridge. Prior using, discard the thin skin and its tops.
  • Experts recommend steaming salsify instead of boiling it in order to retain its firmness.

Best Uses of Salsify

It is advisable to boil it for about ten up to fifteen minutes in salted water. Use in stews or you may also mash it plain. Then, you may season it with pepper, parsley and chives.

What makes black salsify root nutritious?

Salsify is rich in nutrients and antioxidants, which are really good stuff for the body.

Some of the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals found in salsify root include:

  • Potassium
  • Vitamin C
  • Copper
  • B-complex vitamins
  • Manganese
  • Iron
  • Vitamin A
  • Inulin
  • Calcium
  • Thiamin
  • Vitamin E

What are the Health Benefits of Salsify?

  1. Salsify is an immune system booster. The combination of fundamental levels of minerals, vitamins and Vitamin C greatly enhance functionality and metabolic efficiency all through the body. Vitamin A works as an antioxidant, Vitamin C significantly aids in stimulating white blood cells and the B-family vitamins vary from augmenting enzymatic functions in order to regulate hormones. It has different scope of nutrients which nearly each organ system is to some extent affected, this means that the body is functioning excellently.
  2. Lower Blood Pressure. The low level of sodium and high content of potassium implies that salsify can remarkably improve blood pressure complications through minimizing the strain on the cardiovascular system, soothing the blood vessels and inhibiting the likelihood of heart attacks, strokes and blood clots. It matters to understand that potassium is deemed as a very vital factor for boosting the cognitive ability which is perhaps made possible through maximized blood flow to the brain which Vasolidation can spur and this also helps in building stronger bones.
  3. Salsify stimulates the good bacteria. Its root is regarded as one of the ideal and natural sources of prebiotic fiber known as inulin. This aids improve the production of beneficial gut flora particularly bifidobacteria which is mainly found in the large intestine. It makes sense to know that a balance of good gut flora has been associated to better digestion, brain health and better digestion. In the same way, it aids clear away carcinogen from the body.
  4. Better circulation and hair growth. High levels of copper and iron contained in salsify convey that one’s circulation will enhance since copper and iron are both fundamental for the formation of red blood cells. More red blood cells imply more oxygenation to vital organs and tissues such as follicle beds. This has been revealed to stimulate hair regrowth. Likewise, copper has been associated to a decrease in premature aging and an increase in hair strength.
  5. Central Nervous System health. The great amount of thiamine contained in black salsify root is very critical to the central nervous system and muscles. This helps in stimulating the body to create hydrochloric acid which is very valuable for gut bacteria balance.
  6. Digestive health. A serving of salsify compose of almost 20% of one’s daily recommended amount of dietary fiber which is important for stimulating the passage of food all through the body; averting more serious conditions such as gastric ulcer; easing bowel discomfort as well as in reducing constipation. In addition, much of the fiber comes in the form of inulin and this is believed as comparably precious prebiotic fiber which maximizes the growth of bifidobacteria in the gut. This can actually lessen the cancer-causing agents, provide a boost to the immune system and optimize the efficiency of nutrient absorption.
  7. Anti-aging ability. The skin ages when the body ceases producing adequate collagen to newly grown skin cells. Furthermore, collagen production decreases as a person ages and the process necessitates vitamin C. Meanwhile, iron absorption is also reliant on this vitamin.
  8. High levels of calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, manganese and copper create a strong mineral base for developing bone tissue. This plays pivotal role in the process of bone creation. With adequate bone mineral density, a person can impede the development of usual age-related conditions such as arthritis and osteoporosis which can take place when bones start to deteriorate and collagen (connective tissue) does not sustain the integrity of the joints.
  9. Heart health. The necessary levels of potassium are crucial to promote heart health. Potassium keeps the muscle functioning more efficiently. Potassium deficiency was also discovered to be a strengthening element in osteoporosis and bone weakness.

A Very Important Reminder

Take into consideration that before processing, it is highly advised to cut out the salsify’s black skin first. Then, after scraping it, it is necessary to soak it in oxygenated water in order to prevent it from getting brown.

Since salsify is naturally low in calories, it is definitely beneficial and good to the body. Aside from these, it is also delish reason why you can’t go wrong when you decide to include it in your regular nutrition plan. Surely, both kids and adult will love its distinct and appetizing taste.

Getting to Know All Miraculous Health Benefits Of Velvet Apple


Health Benefits Of Velvet Apple Who doesn’t enjoy a tasty and miraculous fruit any time of the year? The velvet apple, also known as Mabolo, is a delicious medium size fruit, often grown on trees native to the Philippines and evergreen forests. In case you didn’t know, such trees produce beautiful velvety reddish orange fruits that have the same shape of an apple, with one remarkable difference: similar to peaches, velvet apples are covered with a velvet-like skin.

Within health benefits of velvet apple, it is of utmost importance to mention that this fruit is considered graceful from a dietary and nutritional perspective. Its pulp makes it refreshing, very aromatic and sweet, slightly tart, reminiscent of a tropical blend of pineapple and banana or pear flavor.

What really is velvet apple?

So, what is velvet apple? If we were to briefly describe it, velvet apple is an edible fruit with a characteristic rounded shape. It specifically has a reddish or yellowish orange color, depending on the ripeness of the fruit. Inside, it contains seeds and its flavor is slightly acidic, which lives up to its name, which gives it a special feature that makes this fruit apart from the rest.

Health benefits of velvet apple

From health benefits of velvet apple point of view, velvet apples contain 75% water and its great amount of carbohydrates and potassium is a highly recommended for athletes fruit, and making it a natural energizer and helps muscle contraction and to prevent cramps.

Its fiber content gives laxative properties. As you may know, fiber prevents or improves constipation, helps reduce blood cholesterol rates and control blood glucose (blood sugar levels). The velvet apple also provides Niacin or Vitamin B3. Niacin lowers bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol. It even reduces the risks of heart attacks.

Velvet apple properties

As this fruit is a source of vitamin A and C, it has an antioxidant effect, an important ally in maintaining youth and beauty. For its low sodium, potassium wealth and little fat it is advisable for those who suffer from hypertension or cardiac disorders or blood vessels. Likewise, also reduces cholesterol levels.

Furthermore, within the many health benefits of velvet apple, the velvet apple contains phosphorus, which is necessary for bone and tooth formation. Phosphorus improves our mental capacity to help our neurons communicate with each other. Moreover, it has a tonic action thus preventing decay and fatigue, avoiding depressions.

As if it was not enough, it produces a balancing action to the nervous system, so it can be used as an anxiolytic and calming alternative.

Consuming velvet apple

How to consume velvet apples? To consume the velvet apple, keep in mind the below points:

  • Remove all the seeds and pulp peel your skin.
  • Be careful not to consume the seeds because they are toxic and can harm your health.
  • Eat it in fruit salads, smoothies also to them that you can add more nutritional value if you include protein powders.
  • It is also delicious with yogurt or to eat alone.

Recipe: Mousse velvet apple


  • 1 kg of velvet apples
  • 2 envelopes of gelatin
  • 4 cups heavy cream
  • 4 cups warm water


  1. Chill the cream almost to the freezing point.
  2. Cut velvet apples in half, remove the flesh with a spoon and pass through a sieve to remove the seeds.
  3. Cut into small pieces and reserve.
  4. Put the gelatine to soak in water and whip the cream until smooth.
  5. Mix the custard apple pulp outflanking, add gelatin and mix well.
  6. Grease the molds with butter or oil and pour the mixture into them.
  7. Leave in the freezer for an hour.
  8. Mix custard apple juice with the sugar and simmer for 15 minutes until a syrup.
  9. Let cool before using.
  10. Unmold onto a plate.

Overall, this fruit is an important source of vitamins, it is therefore necessary that we include it in our daily diet. This time of year is we have countless fruits at our disposal. For this reason, and to expand the range of possibilities available to us consider this delicious and nutritious fruit.

Like any good fruit, velvet apples contain high amounts of water in its composition. This feature makes it very low in calories, so it is advisable for people who are pursuing a diet or weight maintenance. Another point to consider is their low protein and carbohydrate, and making it one of the fruits that contain less sugar in its composition.

Wrapping it up, its supply of vitamin C will help to strengthen the immune system, assist with collagen production increase, and protect cells from attack produced by external agents. To this, we must add its mineral content.

Health Benefits Of Molokhia and Nutritional Value


Molokhia is a plant that brings somewhat with nettles (somewhat in shape, but of course without nettle’s spines) has a specific flavor, slightly bitter, and is found often in the fresh form, in bundles or chopped frozen. It seems that this plant has been consumed since ancient Egypt and is considered by some as a traditional dish in Egypt, but can be seen everywhere in the Middle East cuisine.

Nutrition and Health Facts

Health Benefits Of MolokhiaGets its name from the plant bittersweet underlying the preparation. Molokhia leaves are steamed and flavored with coriander and garlic and purée is used usually as a garnish with chicken, rabbit, lamb or fish and rice. Molokhia are leaves of Corchorus species used as vegetable. They are quite bitter, and when boiled yield a thick liquid. Typically, it is used in soups or stews.

Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, Molokia is used in the cosmetics industry due to its emollient, soothing and exfoliating. Treatments with this plant is an excellent remedy for skin beauty, best to follow both gross variations in face masks with natural ingredients and processed through the latest technology in cosmetic brands.

Health Benefits of Molokhia

1) Molokia has inflammatory and anticancer properties. They found that the extract has the ability to decrease the rate of multiplication of cancer cells in cancer

2) Prevents gastric, breast and prostate cancer.

3) It is a powerful antioxidant. Contains vitamin C, E, beta-carotene, magnesium and selenium with which the fight against oxidative stress and many health problems.

4) Helps regulate the blood pressure and arteriosclerosis. Those who eating Molokia present less risk of developing such problems due to its potassium, vitamin B6 and folic acid. Not only because of the vitamins and minerals that are found in it, but also proteins, Molokia helps regulate blood pressure, prevents heart attacks and strokes.

5) Skeletal and muscular systems are strengthened by eating it. Vitamin K present in this plant is essential to maintain bone health. Also the muscular system has gained from eating Molokia because proteins are found in the leaves.

6) The immune system is stimulated by the consumption of Molokia, as containing a lot of vitamins and minerals beneficial to boosting the immune system, thereby preventing colds or infections.

7) It helps to cleanse the digestive system. Its fibers help to cleanse the digestive system, blood and liver. It also contains calcium and iron, two substances that mineralizes the body and helps to combat anemia and seasonal fatigue.

8) Contain iodine, magnesium and selenium, substances that help combat various skin disorders and regeneration.

9) A cup of Molokia juice, drinking on an empty stomach every morning for a few days, help remove physical and nervous depression.

10) Substances contained helps to prevent and treat inflammatory diseases: asthma, osteoarthritis, rheumatism.

Molokia juice is obtained by passing the Molokia through grinders and choosing juice. It is a great cure, rebalances and strengthens the body, prevents anemia, nervous depression and fatigue. Drink one glass every morning. The Molokia juice in equal parts can be combined with the carrot or celery to treat anemia, rickets, senescence, fatigue, consuming fresh leaves in salads.

Fresh leaves are indicated in the diet of children, older people and all those who need to strengthen the body. To help kidney or bladder diseases are recommended the infusion of Molokia with a teaspoon of crushed leaves, poured in a cup of boiling water. Leave it covered for 15 minutes and then strain. Drink two cups a day.

Externally, the leaves are heated or boiled in olive oil or soybean oil and put poultices. In local applications, it soothes burns and ringworm site. Apply two or three poultices daily.

If you want to enjoy all its qualities, you should eat raw and fresh, preferably in a salad or other raw vegetables.

Health Benefits of Lulo and Nutritional Value of Naranjilla Fruit


Health On the list of tropical fruits you can meet bananas, coconut, kiwi, pineapple, mangoes, oranges and other citrus fruits, papaya, pomegranate etc. Their introduction to regular diet can only be beneficial, as long as there are no excesses in any respect. Among the nutrients tropical fruits offer can remember the dietary fibers, minerals and various vitamins.

Being one of the most exotic fruits from tropical fruits, Lulo fruit or Naranjilla comes from Central and South America and has many health benefits. It can be rotated to a successful diet, but always in moderation and not before consulting in detail the effects it can have on your body.

Lulo Fruit Nutrition and Health Facts

Lulo fruit contains a lot of vitamins C, B, A, iron, phosphorus, beta – carotene, magnesium and calcium. Lulo is virtually no fat, very low in calories and has a high concentration of antioxidants. Antioxidants fight free radicals and help in the anti aging and prevention of cardiovascular disease, stroke and cancer. Lulo has a pineapple and lemon flavor with a great taste, so you can make a delicious smoothie. It is low in calories, contains iron and is a good diuretic; it may be helpful in weight loss.

Health Benefits Of Lulo

Naranjilla has a great influence on stress relaxation and works well for helping people who do not sleep. It contains pepsin, which is soothing to the gastrointestinal tract, giving a boost for digestion. Naranjilla is a tonic for strong bones, hair, nails and in addition contain certain acids that can reduce total cholesterol levels!

Health Benefits of Lulo Fruit

Besides their great taste, Lulo fruits proved scientifically that offers many health benefits to ordinary people, who do not suffer from diseases that require a special diet. Unlike common fruits for consumption, is abound in exceptional nutrients, some excess, and therefore prohibited for those suffering from certain diseases.

1) From what is known so far about the role of introducing tropical fruits and especially Naranjilla in your diet, it can be said with certainty that they contain antioxidants useful to reduce the risk of contracting cancer and heart disease, and other substances that help regulate digestion, regulate levels blood cholesterol and body weight control.

2) Perhaps more than other fruits, it offers an easy feeling of fullness and deserve introduced, especially in weight loss diets, daily between meals, because not contain many calories, but can provide sufficient nutrients to successfully eliminate hunger between main meals. Do not forget that their consumption should be alternated with other fruits, which contain less sugar or various vegetables, only good for a snack unannounced.

3) The best fresh tropical fruits for consumption and not dried or canned, because they do not contain any suspect food additives and did not even sugar concentration so high. Dried or canned tropical fruits are mostly used as food ingredients and less for actual consumption.

4) Associated with pineapple is recommended primarily for weight loss, digestive problems, vitamin and mineral deficiency and disorders of the blood vessels;

5) Along with kiwi can prevent cancer by the vitamin C intake manner is useful for diabetics easily dissolve blood clots and can relieve respiratory problems;

6) Use it with papaya to stimulate the immune system, is a good antibacterial and helps in better functioning of the liver;

7) Along with coconut provides many dietary fibers, have protein abundance and fatty acids, therefore not advisable to consume in excess, but in amounts of up to 50 grams daily. Additionally, coconut is an excellent stimulating brain activity and deserves introduced in adolescent diet, but in moderation;

8) Lulo fruit has a good effect to stimulate digestion and can accompany consistent meals, contains many useful nutrients and is also one of the fruits with an aphrodisiac effect recognized worldwide. It has good antiseptic properties and provides antioxidants that can prevent the effects of aging.

9) Even is not so popular, it is used in some cosmetic treatments, because it contains vitamin A, Naranjilla extracts are used to maintain products for beauty and youth, improving skin quality (due A and C vitamins and beta-carotene contained), reducing wrinkles and giving the hair strength and nail.

10) Thanks to its content of antioxidants, has anti-cancer benefits, anti-aging and detoxifying, energizing is also good.

11) Accelerates wound healing and postoperative healing.

12) Also improves the visual functions and prevents sunburn and skin cancer because it contains beta-carotene, a substance that is deposited in the skin and has a protective role, removing the negative effects of sunlight.

13) Lulo fruit has emollient, soothing and exfoliating properties.

Combined with other fruits like apples, bananas, guava, lime, mango, orange, papaya, pineapple, grapes and berries, can be extremely beneficial in achieving great skin. Facial masks and creams, body lotions and hair and nail care products, will provide an excellent remedy for skin beauty.

Health Benefits of Bramley Apple and Nutritional Value


Wide world cultivated, the apple is one of the most spread fruits, which benefits are well known for human health. Moreover, the apple juice is very healthy for the body and it tastes very good. Apples strengthen teeth and have the ability to decrease the degree of infection of the teeth. Apple is also used in cosmetics. Can be made masks that help cleanse the skin and restore its elasticity. Apple flowers are an important factor in cosmetics. From them are done creams and oils that stimulate and make skin rejuvenation. Also, baked apples are a cure for rheumatism and combat tonsillitis.

Bramley Apple Features

Bramley Apple, originally from Northern Ireland region, is a fresh green apple used in many cooking recipes for its special characteristics. The Bramley fruits are rounded, with a less uniform than other apples, flattened laterally, with increases apex and a high calyx cavity partially open. The fruits have a uniform green color with a reddish hue, sepals are brown and soft, and the stalk is short and thick. The flesh is white, moist and with a green tint and texture is firm.

Health Benefits Of Bramley Apple

Regardless of age or size tree, all winter and summer work is done manually. The care of trees to obtain a constant quality and yield, require skills acquired after many years of experience in the training of the upper crown branches and maintenance works. It is used the routinely pollination by bees during the flowering period, and all operations are undertaken with due care spray, that bees and other beneficial insects not be affected, as well as the environment in general.

Apples are harvested by hand between early September and last part October. Time of collection depends on the season, market, fruit maturity, age and type of rootstock tree. The climate colder than in other areas where apples are grown makes Bramley apples less uniform.

Amazing Health Benefits of Bramley Apple

They’re full of soluble fibers that reduce intestinal problems, including diverticulitis, hemorrhoids and some types of cancer. Bramley apples is rich in fruit acids and vitamins also contains more than 20 kinds of minerals like A, B, C, vitamins; contains calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, sodium, potassium and trace elements.

1) It is a powerful source of potassium, which supports healthy heart.

2) Help in the insulin level control, with blood sugar slowly releasing. Cleanse and detoxify, remove heavy metals from the body.

3) Apple pectin helps to reduce cholesterol levels by reducing insulin secretion.

4) Significantly reduces the risk of respiratory diseases such as asthma.

5) Strengthens the heart, lungs lubricates, increase body fluids and decrease mucus production.

6) Apple cider vinegar prevents kidney stones.

7) Reduces the skin problems.

8) Improves the symptoms of constipation.

9) Its refreshing juice help digestion strengthens the intestinal mucosa and has beneficial effects on the liver.

10) Has an effect on intestinal flora and lowers blood pressure.

11) Protects the skin from infections and harmful bacteria. Can be used as a facial mask against acne, in addition hydrates the skin.

12) Nothing compares with natural Bramley apple masks. It nourishes the skin in depth, gives lightness and flexibility and is easy to prepare.

13) Bramley apple juice revitalizes tissues (face, neck, breasts and even abdomen). Apply it on your face with a cotton pad and let it for 25 minutes after you rinse with warm water.

14) If you have acne, then you can wash your face with mallow tea and Bramley apple juice. It speeds healing pimples, is an emollient and, like apple juice helps in wound healing.

15) The pulp is antiseptic

16) If you burn or you hurt yourself disinfect the wound by applying a little applesauce. The pulp is astringent and contains substances that prevent the growth of bacteria on the skin. The effect is enhanced if on the end you’ll apply a cream with marigold or Arnica.

17) You can remove the stress and fatigue traces if will apply nightly cold pieces of Bramley apple peel. It refreshes and softens skin around the eyes due to the antioxidants they contain.

18) Also, these fruits decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, or heart attack and have an important role in balancing the lymphatic system.

19) If you want to lose weight is much better to eat Bramley apples. You will lose weight and eat while one of the healthiest fruits. The fruit helps to remove toxins from the lungs, helping to regenerate it.

Even those Bramley apples are not the most common fruits, you can use them also for different alcoholic beverages and sweets, cookies, cakes or vinegars.